January 4, 2018

Blue Expressions Framing Gallery

Blue Expressions Framing Gallery
Blue Expressions Framing Gallery

This week’s feature is something a little different to the norm. We’ve decided to feature a local Semaphorean who frames art for a living.

Sue Blue lives and works in the Semaphore area. Her business, Blue Expressions Framing Gallery, has been operating for a massive 25 years! Specialising in custom art and picture framing, she was once an artist herself but now focuses on framing art instead, as a different kind of artistic expression.

There’s plenty to see in the shop, with art and frames abound! Patrons have described it as being like an “art gallery of frames”, with a vast array in all different shapes, colours and sizes.

As a business, Blue Expressions Framing Gallery specialises in custom art and picture framing – so those holiday pics that you’ve been meaning to hang on your wall can be professionally prepared for you! Sue has described Semaphore has being an “up and coming area” that is easily accessible. Her favourite thing about Semaphore is the beach – which is also her greatest inspiration.

It just goes to show that everybody has a story.

If you’re looking for custom art and picture framing solutions, stop in and have a chat to Sue.

Location: Shop 1, 131 Semaphore Road, Exeter SA 5019

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