June 4, 2019

Dog Friendly Cafe’s – Semaphore Road

At these popular Semaphore cafes, you won’t have to choose between your breakfast and your best friend – you can have both!


WHIPPED BAKE BAR CAFE | 35 Semaphore Road
This popular pup-friendly cafe is usually packed with locals and their four-legged friends, with sometimes up to 15 dogs on deck! They have a great brunch menu as well as water bowls for your thirsty friends,  don’t let the shop front deceive you, they have a sneaky side lane that leads to a very spacious courtyard.


MR PILGRIM CAFE | 67 Semaphore Road
Not only do they make a mean latte, their homemade waffles are just to die for! Coffee, breakfast and lunch available Tues-Sun and your canine companions are invited!


ROYAL COPENHAGEN | 13 Semaphore Road
Royal Copenhagen have a very good reputation as a popular beachside ice creamery, now with a very special treat for your pooch after a big walk on the beach. Doggie iecreams are made from a natural frozen yoghurt, peanut butter, banana…and to top it off, a yummy dog biscuit!

*licking the bowl is not only encouraged it is quite necessary*



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