December 10, 2018

How to save an icon: Make your voice heard on Shed 26

How to save an icon: Make your voice heard on Shed 26
How to save an icon: Make your voice heard on Shed 26

Those local to Adelaide will know about the plight to save Shed 26. This last remaining saw-tooth shed in the Inner Harbour area is scheduled for demolition, erasing with it the harbour’s unique heritage and story.

A saw-tooth roof features a number of ridges that have dual pitches on each side. This iconic, 19th-century architectural style let natural light into larger buildings and was typically used in factory, warehouse and workshop buildings such as on the dockyards of Adelaide Inner Harbour.

Instead of tearing down this piece of heritage, campaigners over at are calling on the developer Cedar Woods to repurpose the building for use in their waterfront regeneration plans, as a harmonious tribute to the past and future.

So what can you do to help save this iconic building?

Attend events

You can stay in the loop about the latest campaign activities when you join one of the upcoming events designed to spread awareness. Visit their <a href=””>Facebook account</a> to add the dates to your diary.

Get the word out

Why not sign up to distribute fliers about the cause? The team are looking for volunteers to print out and disseminate leaflets that then need to be taken to cafes, restaurants, bars, transport links, shops and other services through the Inner Harbour community and beyond. With a little printer ink, you can help save Shed 26 from extinction in your free time.

Get writing

Finally, you can get in touch with your MP or council representative. A letter to influencers and decision-makers in local and national government will help get this cause discussed at a higher level and make it more likely that they will intercede on the community’s behalf. You can find contact details <a href=””>here</a>.

If you’ve already written to your MP or councillor, why not pen a letter to the media informing them of your concerns? You could even write a pro-active letter to the developer Cedar Woods outlining the importance of Shed 26 to you personally, the community, as well as any heritage prestige, and sharing ideas for how it could be transformed.

Here at Our Semaphore, we will be doing all we can to ensure this piece of Inner Harbour heritage isn’t lost to demolition. And we call on you to join us!

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